Anyone else wake up with wrinkles overnight?

I feel like aging comes at you real fast in your mid-30s! All the sudden your wrinkles are just stuck there! We actually have two types of wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Which are the ones that are there when we’re animating.

Static Wrinkles

The ones we have when our facial muscles are at rest (aka the ones make up gets stuck in).

I know they can seem scary, but toxins are great wrinkle relaxers. The static lines are caused by constantly moving the muscles in your face. So if we can relax these muscles, the dynamic lines (frown lines, forehead lines etc.) and the static lines will relax as well!

Results can usually seen with your first treatment, but to keep the lines away it is best to make sure you’re getting your toxin regularly every 3-4months.

If you feel like aging literally just slapped you in the face, please come see me or our team at 4esthetics Lounge! Our consults are free and we’d love to help. Please DM me if you have any questions, otherwise the link to book is in the comments!

These photos were taken 1 month apart! Look at her forehead!! Static forehead lines practically gone with one Toxin treatment!