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Aesthetic Timeline: Part 3

Posted: November 4, 2022
Categories: Cosmetic Injectables

Aesthetic Timeline If you haven’t seen my last two posts about this, go look at them. I’m going through the stages of the Aesthetic process that… 

Aesthetic Timeline: Part 2

Posted: October 25, 2022
Categories: Cosmetic Injectables

Aesthetic Timeline If you haven’t seen my last post, go back and read it first! As a reminder the aesthetic timeline we (as providers and people… 

Aesthetic Timeline: Part 1

Posted: October 20, 2022
Categories: Skincare Treatments

Aesthetic Timeline So aesthetics and aging, in general, can be confusing. When do you start? What do you do? What products or services do you start… 

Natural & Subtle Volume

Posted: October 5, 2022
Categories: Cosmetic Injectables

Safe & Effective Fillers Filler gets a bad wrap. Probably because we, as a culture, have gotten conditioned to only look for the negative outcomes, and… 

Treating Downturned Smiles

Posted: September 30, 2022
Categories: Cosmetic Injectables

Downturned Smiles Do you feel like you always look like you have a frown? Not just your typical “RBF” but specifically having a turned down smile?… 

Grand Re-Opening

Posted: September 27, 2022
Categories: Cosmetic Injectables

If you are a Lounge Loyalty member, please RSVP to receive a special gift during the event. If you are not a Lounge Loyalty member, RSVP… 

Natural Collagen Production

Posted: September 23, 2022
Categories: Skincare Treatments

Natural Collagen Production So around 24 years old our collagen production starts to take a nosedive. Fast-forward to your mid-30s, all those cute expression lines are… 

Autumn Chemical Peels

Posted: September 20, 2022
Categories: Skincare Treatments

Autumn Is Here! It’s always bittersweet when Summer comes to an end, but it does mean we can put a bigger focus on our skin! There… 

Skincare Routine

Posted: September 16, 2022
Categories: Skincare Treatments

Skincare Routine I hear it all the time. “I don’t have time to do a skincare routine.” I get it, life is busy, like really busy…. 

What to Expect

Posted: July 7, 2022
Categories: Cosmetic Injectables, Skincare Treatments

Conservative, Nurturing Aesthetic Process **Existing clients- scroll to the bottom for a HUGE announcement!! If there is anyone who may still be nervous/curious about anything aesthetic,…