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PRP & PRF Treatments

PRP and PRF treatments are natural growth factors made with extracts from your blood. They are rich in platelets and white blood cells and work to kickstart new cell growth and collagen production.

PRP & PRF Injections For Hair Restoration and Skin Quality

PRP and PRF are the most natural treatment options for skin rejuvenation. The treatments restore youth and glow to the skin by healing damaged tissue and stimulating new cell growth. PRF and PRP treatments go hand in hand with injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. HA is a temporary dermal filler that adds volume to your skin. It corrects the effects of aging on your skin by plumping up wrinkles, smoothing out lines, and restoring volume to your skin. HA fillers also help to enhance facial contours and plump up the lips and cheeks. While HA adds volume and hydrates, it does nothing for skin quality. On the other hand, PRP and PRF injections renew skin cells and encourage collagen production. A combination of PRP or PRF treatments and HA fillers is more effective for improving your skin quality and the overall results of the treatments.

PRF Injections & PRP Injections Treat the Following Problem Areas:

Tear Troughs

Tear Troughs

Lip Wrinkles

Lip Wrinkles

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

PRP and PRF are great options to help with skin rejuvenation as they are rich in growth factors. PRP/PRF come from the patient’s own body, so it is a very natural way to help soften lines/wrinkles, build collagen, and help with dark coloring (especially under eyes).

- Maggie Bunch, APRN

What's Next

  1. Step 1: Free Consultation

    Step 1: Free Consultation

    Our clinic has 15+ years of combined experience in skincare treatments and cosmetic injectables like under-eye injections. When you book your free consultation online or call to schedule a visit, our professionals will walk you through a personalized treatment plan for natural beauty enhancement and youth restoration.

  2. Step 2: PRP or PRF Treatment

    Step 2: PRP or PRF Treatment

    At 4esthetics lounge, we prioritize your health and safety at every step. Our certified providers use evidence-based techniques to administer all skin care treatments and deliver data-driven results. We focus on your needs and desired outcomes throughout our nurturing process to ensure confidence. The spa-like atmosphere at our lounge allows you to relax and enjoy your self-care treatment.

  3. Step 3: Aftercare & Follow Up

    Step 3: Aftercare & Follow Up

    Our relationship with you doesn’t end after you visit our clinic. Instead, we will walk you through a detailed aftercare process to ensure confidence and wellness after your PRP/PRF treatments. We offer a follow-up to ensure satisfaction with your results and address any concerns as you settle into healthier, younger-looking skin.

PRP & PRF Treatment Menu

PRP & PRF Treatments Packages

Hair Restoration

PRF is better for hair restoration. It stimulates hair growth, and we recommend 3 sessions 1 month apart and then every 3-6 months as maintenance ($2,500 for 3 treatments)


PRP & PRF Treatments Packages

Tear Troughs

PRF is better for under eye injections. Undereyes will be baggy for 2-5 days, growth factor will be slowly released. Two sessions are required. The $730 package includes both sessions.


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What To Expect With PRP & PRF Injections

PRP and PRF treatments effectively treat wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, fade dark spots, and stimulate hair growth. However, there are differences in the technical aspect and potency of platelets.

PRF Injections & PRP Injections

When making platelet-rich fibrin treatments, a higher amount of blood is needed. Your provider uses a centrifuge to spin the blood at a low speed to ensure the separation of its components. The resulting layer includes a higher concentration of platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, and fibrin. PRF treatments yield better results due to the fibrin matrix that signals platelets to release their growth factors slowly for better healing. The matrix contains 8-10 times more growth factors that remain active for one week, making PRF injections a better treatment for hair restoration and under-eye injections. The first visible results occur within three months, with final results visible 6-12 months later. The ultimate benefits of PRF treatments are brighter, healthier, and smoother skin.

When making platelet rich plasma treatments, a small amount of your blood is spun at a higher speed in a centrifuge to allow the separation of platelets and plasma from other blood components. Your provider adds the PRP treatment to a vial of anticoagulants to prevent clotting after injection.

PRP treatments have fewer growth factors that remain active for a few hours after injection. The treatment works better for procedures that take longer to prepare for, such as a micro-needling session. A PRP injection after procedures like cuff rotator repairs is common to curb pain and boost mobility.

Under eyes

With under-eye treatments for dark circles, your eyes remain puffy for 2-5 days due to the gradual release of the growth factors in PRF/PRP.


A PRF injection or PRP injection is the best solution for increased lip volume. It also improves lip redness and the appearance of vertical lines. The injection swells your lips for 2-3 days. The slow growth factor release plumps up your lips to increase volume over time. For best results, you should have lip injections within eight weeks, then 8-12 months after the first. The effect of PRF lip injections or PRP lip injections lasts for 1-2 years.

Hair restoration

Hair loss treatments with PRF or PRP stimulate growth to curb thinning. Hair restoration treatments consist of 3 sessions 1 one month apart. For best results, you should have maintenance treatments every 3-6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRF injections treat a type of hair loss called androgenic alopecia (baldness) in men and women. The treatment prevents regressive hair loss and promotes new hair growth. PRF injections also stimulate new hair growth after hair transplants.

You should complete a series of 4-6 treatments to achieve the best PRF hair treatment results. The treatment lasts up to 24 months as you enjoy new hair growth. PRF treatment is temporary. We recommend frequent touch-ups to ensure you achieve your goal.

The effects of PRF treatments last up to one year, while PRP injections last for 6-9 months. You enjoy improved skin quality and texture, more lip volume, new hair growth, and fewer dark circles.

PRP and PRF are extracted from your blood, making them safe for use. The side effects of these injections include irritation, pain, bleeding, redness, swelling, and bruising around the treatment area. They subside within a few days.

PRP and PRF serums have healing properties that target the cause of dark circles and under-eye bags. The most notable effect on dark circles and bags is collagen production. Collagen plumps up your skin to improve dark circles and makes your skin more elastic to resolve under-eye sagging.

PRP and PRF can treat numerous skin conditions like hair loss, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and lines, sun damage, stretch marks, uneven skin tone or texture, and skin sagging.

Our Promise

Safety First

At 4esthetics medical spa, your treatment starts with a thorough evaluation to ensure we use products that work for your skin and deliver the desired outcome. Our friendly and trustworthy staff helps you settle comfortably at our clinic and address your concerns promptly. Your customized and safe treatments are by skillful professionals who’ve mastered what it takes to help your skin thrive.

Data-driven Treatments

The 4esthetics lounge prides itself in effective treatments guaranteed to bring your youthful glow back. To ensure we deliver to every client every time, we stay up-to-date with advancements in our field. Doing this helps our staff apply industry-leading and evidence-based techniques in all treatment plans to ensure success.

A follow-up you can count on

While most aesthetic providers ghost their clients after treatment, our clinic promises to see you through till the end. We always offer a follow-up guarantee to ensure 100% satisfaction with your treatment results. During the follow-ups, our able providers ensure the treatment’s effectiveness and comfort in your newfound glow.

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