Natural Collagen Production

So around 24 years old our collagen production starts to take a nosedive. Fast-forward to your mid-30s, all those cute expression lines are now stuck on your face even when you’re not trying to *express* anything, making us look/feel “old” or “tired”.

Never fear! There is a somewhat simple fix for this. When collagen production starts to decrease, all we have to do is ramp it back up! Insert Microneedling.. Or Gold Microneedling.. Or the “Vampire Facial”. These are all basically the same thing so don’t get caught in the name.

How Does Microneedling Work?

The way microneedling works is to create little tiny micro channels or injuries to the skin to stimulate your body to repair itself by making more collagen. Basically we harness your own body’s healing mechanisms to smooth out wrinkles, acne scarring, large pores, etc. to make our skin look more radiant! Pretty cool huh?

PRP Injections to Supplement

Then we take it a step further. We add PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. Yes, we draw your own blood, spin it in our centrifuge and use only the PRP. The PRP is a concentrated serum, specific to you, that accelerates your body’s own healing process to not only drastically improve results, but speeds up any down time you may have!

Using Microneedling with PRP is a match made in heaven for anyone feeling like their wrinkles appeared overnight or your skin is just feeling dull!

Microneedling is not (as I like to say) an “Amazon prime” treatment. Your full results ain’t coming in 2 days. You really need a minimum of 3 treatments, 1 every 4 weeks, then full results after collagen stimulation is usually seen at 6 months! Although from personal experience your skin literally glows after 2 weeks.. Just sayin.

There is no reason to not feel confident in your own skin. We can help! Please book a consult with us at 4esthetics Lounge if you need some direction of where to start. They are completely free!

Cory May, Natural Collagen Production