Autumn Is Here!

It’s always bittersweet when Summer comes to an end, but it does mean we can put a bigger focus on our skin! There are a number of treatments that are not recommended to do in the summer due to more sun exposure, so Fall is the best time to amp up the skincare!

Bring on the PSLs, football tailgates, and chemical peels!

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an amazing way to jumpstart your results. Whether you’re looking for improvements in wrinkles, dark spots, or acne, etc, these are for you! Think of these more of a chemical “exfoliation”. The different chemicals used in peels stimulate the skin cells to “turnover” as we like to say. Basically, it forces your skin to get rid of the dead cells on top, that get stuck in our wrinkles, cause breakouts, and contributes to hyperpigmentation!

There are all different levels of peels, so there is really something for everyone, even if you have sensitive skin!

If you’re not sure a chemical peel would be good for your skin, please book a free consult with us at 4esthetics Lounge! We would love to make recommendations that are best for whatever result you’re looking for.

📸: this is 2 days after my peel. I’m red and a little flakey, mild itchiness. This lasted about 4 days.

Cory May, Autumn Chemical Peels