Skincare Routine

I hear it all the time. “I don’t have time to do a skincare routine.” I get it, life is busy, like really busy. And everyone’s *busy* is different. Maybe you have multiple kids with endless games/practices, you work full-time or over-time in a stressful job, have sick family members you care for, are single parenting, the list goes on forever. Me personally… I just moved and life got turned upside down for a bit. But life will never stop happening, so we have to find a routine that works with us, not against us.

This is what I did to not only maintain my skincare results, but improve them in the 6 week process of moving (without childcare)! This is my full skincare routine before moving:

  1. AHA/BHA wash
  2. TNS Advance+ (this is the secret sauce ya’ll)
  3. Vit. C/E serum
  4. Lytera Pigment correcting
  5. Retinol (PM only)
  6. HA5 – hyaluronic acid/hydrating serum

Sounds like a lot huh? Honestly this whole “routine” takes less than 2 min. (I’ve timed it) But when we’re under extra stress sometimes we gotta have a Plan B! And honestly, maybe your plan B is your Plan A because a 6-step routine sounds cray-cray.

Plan B Skincare Routine

This was my plan B routine I used during my move. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and didn’t have much brain power left to think about skincare.

  1. AHA/BHA wash – This still helps brighten and cleans my skin
  2. TNS Advance+ – this is my heavy hitter for everything antiaging
  3. HA5 – and this hydrates

That’s it. I only used these 3 steps and maintained my results. This took less time and felt like it took one thing off my plate. If you’re new to skincare, this can also be a great place to start. Take out the *extra* targeted treatments, but keep the heavy hitters to create changes in your skin.

Now that my kids are back in school. I did a medium grade chemical peel to jumpstart my results and I am starting to slowly add my products back in!

And don’t let this freak you out, you don’t have to do this alone! We are here to help. Book a consult with us 4esthetics Lounge! They’re free and we will build a personalized treatment plan to get you results!

-Blog by Cory May, APRN

Cory May, Skincare Routine