I’m Corie, one of the nurse practitioners and co-owners of best medspa in Lexington, (a little *biased*) 4esthetics Lounge. We also happen to be the official medspa of Lexmoms! We are made up of a team of certified providers with 15+ years of combined experience and our focus is primarily on conservative results, and nurturing you through the aesthetic process!

I know there are a ton of people out there who still have aesthetic needs and wants and are nervous to come in for an appointment. So let me break down your first appointment with us.

Your First Appointment

Step 1

You make an appt, you can call/text our office or book online!

Step 2

You follow the link emailed to you to fill out a few forms about medical/skin history (yes, we are still doing medical procedures, and need to make sure they’re safe for you)

Step 3

You come into the office, we take some pictures to track your results and you meet with a provider.

Step 4

You will talk with the provider about your concerns and goals for treatment, she will do an assessment, and make some recommendations and build you a treatment plan to reach your goals.

Step 5

If you choose to move forward with any treatments, we can usually do them the same day, time permitting! If you choose not to do anything, no biggie! You’re not out any money and we’re always here when you’re ready!

Step 6

You book your follow -up appt (if necessary), and any future appts you may need.

That’s it! These appts are slotted for 45 mins, so it’s quick in and out! If you’re ready to book a consult please feel free to call/text the office or book using the link here.