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Safe Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss Injections

Enjoy your selfcare in our cosmetic lounge! We offer safe and effective weight loss injections by certified nurses and nurse practitioners.

Weight Loss Injections at 4esthetics Lounge

4esthetics Lounge, premier medspa in Lexington, KY, is thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking weight loss injections program, designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals effectively and safely. Say goodbye to fad diets and ineffective methods – our program, featuring a remarkable medication, offers a comprehensive and science-backed approach to shedding those extra pounds.

These Injections Help With

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Using weight loss injections isn’t taking a shortcut; it’s an alternative method alongside healthier eating and exercise. When combined, can yield amazing results. These injections have not only transformed my appearance but also enhanced my overall well-being, making me feel much healthier.

- Krystle Baylon, APRN 

What's Next

  1. Step 1: Free Consultation

    Step 1: Free Consultation

    Schedule your free consultation to discuss our weight loss injections with one of our certified practitioners.

  2. Step 2: Labs

    Step 2: Labs

    Lab work will be required prior to starting the program to ensure everything is within normal limits.

  3. Step 3: Weekly Injections

    Step 3: Weekly Injections

    Weekly weight loss injections can be administered at home, or by our practitioners at 4esthetics Lounge.

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Weight Loss Injections Packages

Weight Loss Injections

Weekly weight loss injections; pay monthly as needed.


  • Parker Stayton

    Super friendly staff, knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. They didn’t pressure me into any treatments or try to up-sell me on anything. inside was so clean and the overalls experience was wonderful!

  • Jennifer Kain

    Can not say enough wonderful things about not only the business and services, but more importantly how friendly and knowledgeable each person there is! I know I am customer for life!

  • Betty Votaw

    Experts in their field and very informative

  • Catherine Fister

    I was referred here by my beautiful daughter and I am so impressed with my results. LOVE them!! I will definitely be back and I would give them a 10 out of 10!!

  • Amber Thompson

    Katie is amazing!!

  • Kelly Stayton

    Very professional and knowledgeable! Beautiful, comfortable space. Highly recommend!

Comprehensive Approach to Our Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss injections program begins with a personalized consultation led by our experienced and caring certified practitioners. During this one-on-one session, we take the time to understand your unique health history, lifestyle, and weight loss objectives. To ensure your safety and efficacy, we will conduct necessary lab work to ensure that all your vital parameters are within normal limits.

Successful weight loss encompasses more than just weight loss injections. Our program takes a holistic approach, addressing both your physical activity and nutritional habits. During your initial consultation, our professionals will provide expert guidance on creating a balanced and sustainable dietary plan, as well as recommend physical activity routines that align with your fitness level and goals.

Central to our weight loss program is a revolutionary medication belonging to the class of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs). Acting as a mimic of the GLP-1 hormone naturally released in response to eating, these injections offer a dual-action approach to weight loss. The injections enhances insulin production to regulate blood sugar levels and influences the brain’s appetite regulation centers, helping you feel fuller quicker and reducing cravings. This unique combination, when combined with a dedicated focus on diet and exercise, has been shown to produce significant and sustainable weight loss results.

We’ve revamped our approach to provide you with a seamless experience. Now, we offer in-house lab work on the same day as your weight loss consultation for added convenience. As part of our commitment to comprehensive wellness, we’ve partnered with Trim Bootcamp, a coaching program specializing in tailor-made workouts. Additionally, our collaboration with a registered dietitian allows us to craft personalized meal plans for your unique needs. These optional upgrades empower you to customize your weight loss journey. As a special bonus, all new weight loss clients receive two complimentary classes at Orange Theory Fitness during their first month. At 4esthetics, we’re dedicated to elevating your weight loss experience with tailored solutions and exciting perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight loss injections are typically recommended as part of a holistic weight loss program. While they may offer additional support, lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and regular exercise are crucial for sustainable weight loss.

Side effects can vary depending on the type of injection used. Common side effects may include nausea, headache, or injection site reactions. Serious side effects are rare but should be reported to a healthcare provider immediately.

The timeline for seeing results varies from person to person. While some may experience noticeable changes early on, it’s essential to commit to the entire weight loss program to achieve long-term success.

Weight loss injections are designed to complement your lifestyle. While you may experience some mild side effects initially, they should not significantly interfere with your daily activities. Your healthcare provider can offer guidance on managing any potential discomfort.

Exercise is an essential part of a comprehensive weight loss program. It not only enhances the effectiveness of weight loss injections but also contributes to overall health. Your healthcare provider can recommend a suitable exercise routine based on your fitness level and goals.

Individuals with underlying health conditions should inform their healthcare provider before starting any weight loss program, including injections. Your provider can assess your health status and customize a plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns.

Safety and Considerations

While weight loss injections offer a promising path to weight loss, it’s important to note that the medication is not suitable for everyone. Contraindications include a history of:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Medullary thyroid cancer
  • Suicidal ideations
  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN2)

As with any medical intervention, there may be side effects, including dizziness, fatigue, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, and headaches. Our medical team will closely monitor your progress and address any concerns throughout the program.

Affordable & Personalized

At 4esthetics Lounge, we are committed to making effective weight loss injections accessible. The cost of the weight loss program, including the medication, consultations, and monthly check-ups, is competitively priced at $449 per month. Take the first step towards a healthier and more vibrant you. Contact 4esthetics Lounge today to schedule your consultation and discover how our weight loss program can help you achieve your weight loss goals with a safe, personalized, and comprehensive approach. Settle into a healthier, younger looking you.

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