Anti-Aging Treatments Take Time

We live in an Amazon-prime brainwashed society. We want everything in 1-2 days and we want the shipping for free. Which is totally fine when you need new socks or you forgot to get a gift for a friend’s birthday. But this assumption is the biggest mistake when it comes to antiaging.

You actually need to expect the exact opposite. Results will take weeks- months, sometimes a year to see, and you’re going to have to pay for *shipping*.

There are no quick fixes or short cuts in anti-aging. Sure you can get toxin once and your wrinkles will relax, but they’re going to come back in 3 months. So it’s time we stop looking for the quick fixes and shoot for the big picture results!

Enter: Treatment planning. This is our specialty at 4esthetics Lounge. We want you to get the results you want, but we also want to make a plan so you can maintain them.

We’re like personal trainers for your face.

So you want to get rid of wrinkles? OK, we can get you there, your treatment plan may look something like:

Ta-da treatment plan! This won’t happen all in one visit, but this gives you and us a plan to work through to help with your wrinkles! Then after 6 months of executing our plan, we reassess and see what areas, if any, need some attention, then we build another treatment plan, or maybe we can transition you to maintenance treatments every month or quarterly!

The possibilities are endless based on you, your needs/wants, and your budget. Sound expensive? No worries, we can package that entire treatment plan into manageable MONTHLY PAYMENTS!

Need a consult (or a re-consult) or maintenance appt, click the link below to book and lets build you the treatment plan best for you!!