Skin-provements: Where do we start?

So there’s this unwritten “rule” that us aesthetic providers follow. It’s more of a timeline of aging and based on which group you fall into, it kind of dictates your treatment planning.

Using clients come to see me when they start seeing wrinkles or feel like they start to look older than they feel, and they know they want Botox for the wrinkles. But as a provider trained in this field, I can look at them and can tell by their skin that they smoke or laid in the sun with baby oil on for years, or they have volume loss. So even though you or my clients come in for Botox injections, I actually may recommend something else, or not do your botox until we start skincare and that because we are very attuned to the natural aging process and associated aesthetic timeline.

We are artists, and you are our beautiful canvas. And for you to get the best results we have to work towards starting with a blank canvas sometimes.

Enter the aesthetic timeline.

There are three major groups clients fall into.

  1. Preventing
  2. Maintaining
  3. Reversing


Starts in your 20s. Start noticing our skin and the animation lines. At this point the lines we make when we animate (smile, frown, or squint our eye) usually go away when we stop animating.


This is when we like to make sure you are using regular medical grade skincare. Specifically SPF – sun damages our collagen and elastin. And we already start to lose collagen beginning in our mid-20s so protecting it from the sun will be imperative to making sure we age with grace. Regular facials. This will help to exfoliate your skin and continue to stimulate that collagen! Can start toxins during this time.

***These phases build on the previous. So you still need to “Prevent” skin damage when you get to this step.


Usually starts in mid- 30s. You’ve matured and you like the way you look and you want to freeze time! This is usually the time people come to see me, but if they weren’t already preventing, we got some making up to do. The treatments in this phase center around continuing to build collagen in our skin and start relaxing the muscles underneath the skin.


Medical grade skincare is a must. Microneedling, facials, chemical peels – these all promote collagen production! Toxin to help relax the wrinkles before they become more permanent. Filler – During this time is when filler looks the most natural. You still have good bony structure, but you may be starting to lose fat pads in your face or the fat pads start to slide down. In this phase we are replace a little bit of volume loss!


Usually starts in our mid-40 and ups. Once you get to this stage, you’re arriving fashionably late to the party!! We start losing fat from where we like it (our faces) and it seems to move to where we don’t want it (belly, hips, jowls etc.). Once we are in this phase it’ll take a little longer to get you back to “baseline” or back to your blank canvas. We may be spending a little more time and money to reverse some of those signs of aging!

***Like I said this is buildable – so if I have a client come in their mid 40s wanting Botox, but they don’t wash their face or use spf. I need to have a come to Jesus and say hold up, let’s start with the basics. Start with skincare and prevention, then we add the toxin, and then we add collagen stimulation injections, peels, then fillers, etc.


Everything above Fillers are usually a necessity to re-store volume. This is also a time when we start considering surgery – later. But I can’t give you surgical results with filler.

Moral of this story – we need start preventing and maintaining instead of reversing, that’s how we get the most ideal and natural looking results.