Literally since I was 115lbs in high school I have had what I called a “guppy face”, AKA a double chin. You can call it genetics, bad luck, the bane of my existence, whatever. It freaking sucked. I was so self-conscious of my double chin and I hated the way it looked in photos, especially those unexpected candid photos because I wasn’t given any notice to tilt my chin up. I literally would have paid anything to get it fixed.

Enter Kybella.

My best friend, my double-chin-fat-dissolving-home girl. She ain’t a cheap date but holy hell has she changed my life PERMANENTLY. Kybella is a solution that is injected into the sub-mental fat (double chin), that kills the fat cells permanently. I know what you’re thinking… I got a few other areas I’d like to inject that sh*t. I know, that was my first reaction. But fortunately for us her expertise is double chins.

Kybella is NOT an “Amazon Prime” treatment… your results aren’t showing up for free in two days. It’s also not a one and done treatment. Kybella will take multiple sessions about 6 weeks apart. I usually tell my clients to expect between 2-4 sessions, based on the amount of fullness you have under your chin.

So what can you expect?

  • Does it hurt? A little. You are numbed with ice prior to injecting so the needles don’t hurt, but the solution burns a little. The burn is literally the fat-cells dying…so it is worth it.
  • What happens after? Immediately after the injections, you’re going to swell up like a bullfrog. Seriously, not going to sugar coat it. Again, worth it, trust the process. Also it’s sweater-weather. Time to bust out those turtle necks (also they’re back in style apparently!)
  • How long does swelling last? Swelling usually lasts about 5-7 days, sometimes up to two weeks but it decreases drastically after a few days.
  • When do I see results? Typically, small results are seen 6 weeks after your first treatment… this is to be expected. After 2-3 sessions is really where the magic happens.
  • How long do the results last? THEY ARE PERMANENT! Even if you fluctuate in weight, you will not have as much fullness under your chin as before because those fat cells are gone, dead, bye-bye! Alsoooo, you will get skin retraction or tightening in that area up to 6 months after your treatment. So basically it kills the fat, then snatches your chin.

Sounds legit right? It is. I promise. I’ve done it, got a t-shirt. (JK no t-shirts sold with this treatment). As amazing as it is, this isn’t for everyone. You absolutely need a consult with a provider to make sure you are a good candidate for this procedure to make sure you’re getting the best results! Book a free consult with us.