Aesthetic Timeline

So aesthetics and aging, in general, can be confusing. When do you start? What do you do? What products or services do you start with? I am definitely here to help you navigate those questions, but I recently heard this explained as an “aesthetic timeline” and it really simplifies the process of how aesthetics works, and I thought it was too good not to share!

So this will be a 3-part post as we go through this aesthetic timeline and what to to expect, and when!

The aesthetic timeline consists of 3 parts and is really centered around different age groups.

  1. Preventing
  2. Maintaining
  3. Reversing

Each of these are very different approaches to anti-aging. They have totally different treatment plans, different goals, etc. So depending on which area you fall into, your treatment plan will vary greatly.

Part 1: Prevention

So starting with Preventing. This usually starts in your 20s. During this time we really start noticing our skin and the animation lines. At this point the lines we make when we animate (smile, frown, or squint our eye) usually go away when we stop animating. So we want to keep it this way and PREVENT those lines from being noticable when we are resting our face.

Treatments to consider during this time would be starting some different skincare products, like a daily spf! In our mid-20s our collagen production is really starting to slow down and sun exposure will only continue to damage our collagen and elastin, so spf is a must! Also skin treatments like Hydrafacials or a facial every 4-6 weeks really helps keep the skin exfoliated and the collagen stimulated! You can also start using toxin during this time! Usually your dose may be a little lower if you start in this phase because your wrinkles aren’t as deep.

So if this sounds like you and you’re lost, please book a free consult with 4esthetics Lounge! We are happy to help answer your questions and offer guidance in any way we can! The consult doesn’t cost anything and we can help you navigate whatever phase you’re in!

📸: perfect example of those fine lines just getting started! And they’re gone with one treatment of Botox!

Before and After, Aesthetic Timeline | Part 1: Prevention