Safe & Effective Fillers

Filler gets a bad wrap. Probably because we, as a culture, have gotten conditioned to only look for the negative outcomes, and we don’t put enough emphasis on the positives! So let me spread some good news. If you are tired of looking tired, you feel like you’ve aged overnight, or you just don’t feel like you look like yourself anymore. Dermal filler may be a great option.

Natural & Subtle Volume

Cheek filler is the most NATURAL and SUBTLE area to restore volume, that gives the biggest impact!

There’s a few things that happen over time that contribute to looking “aged”.

  1. Bony resorption – yes, the bones in your face lose density and projection over time, contributing to volume loss.
  2. Fat pad resorption – yep, we have fat in our face, and it actually makes us look more youthful, and it also decreases over time.
  3. Fat pad migration – Those pads of fat move and separate which move our youthful volume from our cheeks to our lower face giving us a tired appearance.

Cheek Fillers

Good news for you, we can restore your natural volume, with cheek filler! The reason this is such a natural solution, is because we aren’t making you look like a new person, our goal is simply to restore what was already yours! You will feel refreshed and youthful, and no one has to know but you, unless you want to share your best kept secret!

So book the consult with us at 4esthetics Lounge! They are completely free and it’s a great time to talk about your goals and allow us to build you a treatment plan to get you there!

Before and After, Safe & Effective Fillers