Aesthetic Timeline

If you haven’t seen my last two posts about this, go look at them. I’m going through the stages of the Aesthetic process that helps guide our treatment plans and can give you an idea about what recommendations to expect when you come to see us!

As a reminder.. these are the three phases on our timeline.

  1. Preventing
  2. Maintaining
  3. Reversing

Part 3: Reversing Phase

The reversing stage usually begins in our mid-40s. And honestly once you get to this stage, you’re arriving fashionably late to the party!! We start losing fat from where we like it (our faces) and it seems to move to where we don’t want it (belly, hips, etc.). Once we are in this phase it’ll take a little longer to get you back to “baseline”. So you may be spending a little more time and money to reverse some of those signs of aging! Treatments to expect are toxin, skincare, filler, and sometimes even surgery.

But better late than never!!

We all age the same way… no one is exempt. The only difference between someone agin’ like fine wine, vs someone with what looks like a few extra miles on their tires is when we get started into aesthetic treatments like facials, toxin, skincare, etc!

So no matter what phase you’re in, we would love to see you and build you a treatment plan whether we’re trying to prevent or reverse! Our consultations at 4esthetics Lounge are always free! And you can always reach out to us with questions! Please book a free consult at 4esthetics Lounge.

This beautiful mother-daughter duo are the perfect example of someone in the maintain phase and in the reverse phase. Both had lower face/chin filler. Daughter only needed chin projection to balancer her face. Mom had a few extra syringes to help define her chin and jawline due to natural loss of fat pads and bones structure!