What do you need to know before getting filler

Filler has become such a popular procedure, but surprisingly most clients know very little about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of getting filler. So here are just a few tips to think about before you book a filler appointment!


  • Provider shop – make sure your provider is highly educated in anatomy and the procedure itself, and has a clear complication management plan.
  • Do a consult first! – Your area of concern may not be the area we treat, and we will explain why! This is also when we review medical history to make sure this is the right treatment for you.
  • Fully disclose ALL medical history! – the best results are only achieved with appropriate patient selection for procedures.
  • Have a meal before you come
  • Plan to have a few days of bruising and swelling
  • Notify your provider if you have any active illness or infection before you appt.


  • Price shop – highly trained injectors are not the least expensive.. And it’s your face.
  • See a provider who doesn’t take the time to educate you about the procedure. – you should know all the risks before doing a procedure.
  • Drink alcohol the night before- this will increase bruising
  • Book filler appt before an event – you will need at least 2 weeks to fully heal.
  • Miss your follow up!! – This is huge!! Follow ups are there to ensure we achieve your best results, filler is not a one and done appt, it takes multiple sessions to achieve best results.

If you think filler may be an option for an area you feel needs improved, we at 4esthetics Lounge would love to hold your hand through the treatment planning process! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation for dermal filler treatment.