Dry Skin in the Winter

Anyone else feel like they shrivel up in the winter months? My hands are dry, my legs are dry, and my face is SUPER dry! I am not typically a dry-skin person, but the cold months really do me in.

Here’s a couple of tips!

  1. Drink water – back to the basics and we all need the reminder!
  2. Moisturize morning and night – again not rocket science. If you feel like you get oily throughout the day, but are dry after washing try using a lighter moisturizer (SkinMedica Ultra Sheer is great) in the morning and heavier one at night (SkinMedica Rejuvenating moisturizer- great middle thickness moisturizer). (or look at tip #3)
  3. Use a Hyaluronic Acid – a good one, not over the counter! (SkinMedica HA5 is my ride or die) Hyaluronic acid – HYDRATES the skin- it pulls the moisture from the cells in your body into the skin. This is also great for oily people who feel like you can’t use a moisturizer!
  4. Use a moisturizer and HA! This is my winter combo! These two products work differently, so you can use both- hydrate and moisturize.

There are so many different ways to hydrate and moisturize your skin, and if what you’ve been doing for years isn’t working, it’s time to switch things up! I would love to walk you through your options and help you find what works best for your skin. Book a free consultation online.