Birthday Celebrations

It’s a new year and it’s my birthday week! I’m turning 34 (GAWD that sounds old) and I am smack in the middle of the “Don’t-celebrate-your-birthday” window of life. Society norms are weird. Growing up, birthdays are always celebrated until we hit about 30… that’s like the last “fun birthday” we celebrate every year. Then we transition to the “milestone birthday celebrations” like 40, 50, 60, maybe even 65. THEN we transition to the “Hey! You’re still alive” annual birthdays again… Seriously, why the hell do we do this. It’s messed up!

Earning Your Time

Somewhere in the middle aging becomes like a black cloud over us. This is BS! I’m turning 34 this year and I just want to say I have freaking EARNED my wrinkles, stretch marks, and hormonal acne. Better yet I have freaking EARNED the right to do something about all of that. I bust my ass raising two (adorable) psychopaths, keeping my house somewhat livable, owning a business, and keeping my family fed. So, I am going to celebrate my 34 years by making myself feel the best I can, because if I feel my best, everything else falls into place.