Spring has sprung!

And it’s time for us to get out and stop hiding in our houses! Which if you’re like me, I always have a small “Oh Sh*t” moment!

  • Oh sh*t! I have to see people and put makeup on everyday!
  • Oh sh*t! Its too hot for leggings and I have to wear shorts!
  • Oh sh*t! My skin looks like trash, because I’ve been chilling in my house eating all the snacks since December!

Spring and Summer always sneak up on me, and I end up feeling behind the eight ball every year, crash dieting for kid’s Spring break and trying to get myself to remember to wear spf everyday! Well no worries, you’re in good company and there is still plenty of time to get your skin looking bomb before all those summer trips! But we do take special consideration with the increased sun exposure this time of year.

You can still get all the same treatments in the summer as you can in the winter! Yes, you can still get toxin, fillers, lasers, chemical peels, and facials! All. The. Things.


But as your aesthetic NP, it’s my job to look out for your skin, even when you don’t! So my TWO biggest stipulations when doing any skin treatments in the Summer are:

  • NO direct sun exposure for 2 weeks post procedure- AKA no beach, pool, lake, gardening, Keeneland tailgating on the Hill, etc.!
  • I have to trust you! – I have to trust that you’re going to wear your spf EVERY DAY, you’re going to use your post care products as directed, and that you truly will avoid the sun!

These treatments aren’t cheap, so I’m not going to let you pay all that money to get crappy results because you want to lay by the pool everyday! If that’s the case, then we can wait until the fall/winter and pivot to something like aggressive skincare to maintain your results through the Summer!

So this is your PSA to book your summer appointments so you don’t get behind the eightball!


Corie and your 4esthetics team!