Procrastinating the Appointment

I am the WORST at pre-planning appointments. Like the actual worst. With everything from important doctor medication refill appointments to the even more important, haircut and highlight appointments. I am always in vicious cycle of:

  • Going to an appointment
  • Checking out, and saying… “Uh I don’t have my schedule right now, I’ll just call back to schedule.”
  • Going back to normal *busy* life and 2 months pass by
  • Remembering I need to schedule my appointment… Then forget again.
  • Going back to *busy* life… Another month goes by.
  • Panicking because my roots are grown out, or my hair is too long and looking ratchet, or I am out of my medication. The list goes on.

Why It Is Important to Schedule Toxin Appointments in Advance

Sound familiar? Well you’re in good company. And this wasn’t just a PSA to book your hair appt. Let me tell you why pre-planning your toxin appt is SO IMPORTANT!
When you start getting toxin, the short term results are great, but OUR focus is the long-term gains. Toxin relaxes your wrinkles for about 3 months, then your wrinkles will slowly come back and it’s time for your next appt. But the goal is to not let your toxin wear off completely. When you consistently get your wrinkles treated before those bad-boys come back with a vengeance, you are getting yourself into the *Sweet Spot*!

After about 1-2 years of doing this, your wrinkles start to get lazy and they won’t need as much toxin to keep them relaxed. AKA your dose decreases, and you save money!

That is why booking your appointment ahead of time is so important. Because life happens, but your toxin is on a tight schedule! So do yourself a favor and pre- book your appt, even if you don’t have your schedule for 3 months out. We send appointment reminders for a reason! Link in comments!

And if you are really needing schedule help, join our Lounge Loyalty, and let us hold you accountable! Our Lounge Loyalty membership basically gives you *hella* deals on your toxin, and we will whip your schedule into shape! We save your toxin for you, then ration it out every 3 months to keep you on track! Sound legit? It is, can’t beat $10/unit toxin from experienced, certified injectors!


-Your friends in procrastination, 4esthetics Lounge!