Let’s go on a virtual vacation right quick.

Imagine this, you’re at a high-end beach resort, the kind with butlers and cabana boys! You’re at the beach laying out. Your lounge chair is warm from basking in the sun all day. Your eyes are closed, but you can hear the sounds of continuous waves crashing on the shore. You’re so relaxed you forgot your sunscreen, but before you can open your eyes to apply some, your cabana boy is massaging it into your face so you don’t burn. He also perfectly placed an umbrella over you so there is just enough shade to cover your face. You don’t even have to crack an eye or lift a finger, he’s taken care of everything.

Ahhh…doesn’t that sound drool-worthy. Snap back to reality! Well, unfortunately we can’t bring you to the beach, but by-golly we can send you on a virtual vacation for an hour with a facial! And we can do you one better – Instead of coming home from vacation with dark sun spots and an empty bank account, you get glowing radiant skin for a fraction of the cost.

Vacation-Like Facial Treatment:

  • Your sun-soaked beach chair is our warmed facial chair
  • Your crashing waves sounds is our gentle spa music
  • Your umbrella is our facial steamer moistening your skin and opening your pores
  • Your sunscreen is the numerous facials we offer with step after step of cleansing, rejuvenating, and clarifying serums, washes, and masks
  • Your cabana boy (That’s Lyndsy!) She is our licensed esthetician who will be gently cleansing and massaging every one of these steps into your skin!

And she doesn’t stop there, she is our house-hold skin expert who will be looking at every pore, wrinkle, and contour of your skin to make sure you’re leaving with the best possible plan to get you results.

So sit back and relax at *Playa de 4esthetics*! You can book your facial appointment, or a Skincare consult with your “cabana boy” Lyndsy, here!


Corie and your 4esthetics team