Love the sun, but not the spots?

Summer is finally here!! Unfortunately for me after my first pool day my melasma flared up! UGH. But lucky for you, we’re still rocking our Memorial Day sale, so if you struggle with melasma or dark spots, this email is for you!

There are a gazillion different products for dark spots, but using at 3-4 products with active ingredients to lighten your skin will really help you see results!

Lets break your options down by categories! Also all of these products are 15% off until Friday May 31st! Don’t miss out of these savings yall!


  • Skinmedica AHA/BHA wash- super brightening, use 3-5 days/week!
  • ZO Exfoliating polish- Scrubs the dead, dark skin off, use 2x weekly to start

Treatment pads:

These are great to add in an extra brightening step!

  • SkinMedica Even and Correct pads- has more AHA/BHA in them!
  • ZO Complexion Clearing pads- better for sensitive skin!


There are SO many different products that help with brightening, here are just a few of my favorites!

  • SkinMedica Even and Correct Serum – targeted brightening serum!
  • ZO Daily Power Defense – protects your skin barrier to prevent more damage.
  • TNS Advance serum – helps wrinkles, dark spots, skin tone!
  • ZO AOX Illuminating serum – This is your mac-daddy antioxidant serum!


Helps clear away all the damage skin from the inside out! They come in all different strengths. The trick is to start on the lowest dose and only use 2x week at night only, then increase as tolerated!

  • SkinMedica Retinol Complex
  • ZO Skin Brightener


This is non-negotiable! If you don’t use a designated spf, and you complain about pigment.. I’m going to jump through this screen and slap you right in your dark spots! Totally kidding, but you get the point! You have to use an spf, even if you work inside! And reapply when you’re in the sun! We have SO many different types of sunscreens, keep trying them, until you find one you can use daily! Here are my top picks!

  • SkinMedica Essential Defense- (tinted or non) My daily spf, that isn’t “sunscreen-y”.
  • SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair- (tinted or non) stronger, and has lots of antioxidants to protect and repair skin too! more “sunscreen-y”
  • ZO Smart Tone spf- Super popular, matches your skin tone as you rub it in.

Those are all my top products for dark spots! Don’t be overwhelmed, you don’t have to use all of these, pick 3-4 products and watch your dark spots start to fade! Or better yet, come see us for a skincare consult, and we can tell you which products would be best! Click here to book!


Your 4esthetics Lounge Team