Reminder: $150 Off Toxin In May 2024

If you’re like me and in the midst of changing schedules, starting Summer activities, ending school year obligations, and are all the sudden waking up to your kids in your house all day, you probably need a reminder too!

I know life can be crazy right now, but this is your official reminder to come get your Xeomin before the month of May is over! We are giving you $150 off your treatment of 40 units or more of Xeomin!

If you been dying to try toxin in your tight shoulders (trap tox), or maybe your crows feet are hitting hella hard right now because all this sunshine makes you squint, or if you already get full face toxin and need a financial break, this is your sign!!

You can call ahead to snag the deal by calling our office at 859-334-0484. We open at 10am! This deal is only while supplies last and we are over halfway through them so don’t wait!!

Go ahead and make your appointment here! All units and the $150 off expire June 1st!! Do not miss this ya’ll! You get your toxin now, and you’re set all Summer!


Corie and your 4esthetics Team