Looking natural is an art my friends!

Let me know if this sounds familiar?

You look in the mirror and definitely have some signs of aging going on, and maybe now your trusty makeup, that used to cover everything up, doesn’t even look as good because its stuck in your wrinkles. But you don’t want to look like you had anything “done”, so…. you just don’t wear makeup and avoid mirrors?

If this is you, listen up. I have a not-so-secret, secret… We don’t want you to look like you have had anything “done” either!

Like I said, looking natural is an art!

One way we keep you from looking like a crazy picture you’ve seen on the internet, is working from the top down with the layers of your face. In short, we treat the skin, then the muscles, then the subcutaneous tissues under the muscles.

If we work in reverse and start with deep fillers in the SQ tissue or only recommend toxin in the muscles, you will never get the results you want because the SKIN is what everyone sees first!! So to start with your skin, this is what I recommend to ALL my clients, especially this time of year:

  • Medical Grade Skincare– ya just gotta bite the bullet and do it! You will thank me later! (Also launching our new skincare line ZO Skin Health soon!)
  • CO2 Laser! – Hands down, this is the BEST and FASTEST, way to improve your skin quality!

Our CO2 resurfacing laser will improve dark spots, wrinkles, smokers lines around your mouth, crepey skin around your eyes, smile lines, literally everything! And its not just limited to your face! Aging hands Рthis is perfect for you!

You want to look natural? Start with these two things and I PROMISE you will see noticeable change in as little as 4 weeks!!

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Your natural experts at 4esthetics Lounge

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