Consistent Approach for Consistent Results

Let’s be honest. The ONLY real reason you all come to see us is for your results. (And our bangin’ personalities, of course!) But seriously, if it weren’t for results, you wouldn’t book your appointments.

So when you come in to see us, and we make our recommendations, we aren’t just blowin’ smoke, we genuinely want you to get the results that you ask us for. But typically, best results are seen with a multi-service, consistent approach. So a treatment plan for wrinkles may include, skincare, toxin, a series of facials and or chemical peels, and maybe dermal filler depending on the area. You can’t do all of this in just 1 or 2 appointments, this plan would take 6-12 months to see maximum results!

And this, my friends, is EXACTLY why we specifically designed our new memberships to offer monthly services and discounts. It holds you to a high standard of results through monthly treatments AND gives you huge savings on toxin, skincare, and tons of other services!

All of our new memberships include varying services to choose from monthly to ensure consistent results, and also give you some scheduled you-time!

On Jan. 31st from 5-7pm, we are having our Red Carpet Event to celebrate our commitment to your results with these new memberships!! If you’re already Bad and Bougie, a Glow Getter, or in our Face First Fam you will automatically get one entry to win a YSL designer purse or Maple and J Jewelry But you get a second entry if you come to the event! If you come to the event and sign up that night for a membership, you also get two entries into the drawing for the YSL purse and Maple and J Jewelry!

Overall, this event is to celebrate your results, so even if you don’t join a membership, there are TONS of extra deals and door prizes to win!

If you plan to come on Jan 31st let us know by replying to this email!

If you’re ready to get results, click here to schedule your appointment!


Your 4esthetics Team