It’s *May*-hem up in here!

Wooo!! This sun is good for the soul and it is even starting to smell like summer!! Energy is always high this time of year and we are going to turn up the heat with a KILLER deal this month!!

For the month of May only we are giving you $150 off your Xeomin treatment when you purchase 40 units of Xeomin! All units must be USED in the month of May. You can call to pre-purchase your units, but you must make an appointment in the month of May for them to be used! All pre-purchased units expire June 1st! No ifs, ands, or buts ya’ll!! I am historically bad at getting to appointments, so if that’s you too, take this as your first reminder!!

We have a LIMITED quantity of this deal, when it’s gone, it’s GONE!!

This deal is only for Xeomin. If you’re a Dysport or Botox gal, time to make this switch!! Fun fact about me: Xeomin is my favorite tox!!

Call our office at 859-334-0484 to purchase units and book your appointment!  Already have units to use, click here to book your appointment online now!


Your friendly wrinkle erasers!