That was a virtual slap in the face. A wake up call, if you will.

Stop walking around, dragging a$$, day after day! That’s not a way to live your life! If you feel like your walking up hill constantly, or trudging through mud on the daily. Stop and listen up!

There could be something happening in your body, that you know nothing about, that’s draining your energy, stealing your vitality, waking you up at night, making you un-interested in sex, and fogging up your brain!

Its your freaking hormones ya’ll, not you!! An imbalance in your hormones can do all of that!

The good news is, we can help!! We are having an event TOMORROW, Thursday the 25th from 5-8pm, to give you all the knowledge bombs about hormone replacement and answer all your questions!

Everyone who attends will get a swag bag worth $260 and be entered to win our Grand Prize, a FREE year long Hormone Replacement membership worth $2400!

You must click here to RSVP and purchase a ticket to attend! Space is limited so I would get on it ya’ll!

You may be draggin’ your a$$ in the door, but I promise you’ll be leaving with a pep in your step once you find out all we can do!!


Corie and your 4esthetics Lounge Team