Xeomin Toxin Treatments Discounted in May

Alright y’all, our May promo is off to a strong start! If you haven’t heard, we’re giving you $150 off your Xeomin treatment in the month of May only! There are a couple of ways you all could utilize this. Here’s how:

If you have never tried any toxin before and you’re nervous to spend a lot of money on it.

Deals like this are the PERFECT time to lower your investment to give it a try!

You use a different toxin and don’t know if you should try another one.

Trying another toxin will not hurt your results! And you may like them even better! All toxins have roughly the same effectiveness (about 3 months) and kick in within 2 weeks! Any small variance is totally worth the $150 you would save!

You’re not due for your toxin in the month of May.

No worries! Using promos to test out new areas is a great way to dip your toes in the water with low costs! Maybe try your crows feet for the first time, or those annoying nose scrunch lines, or my personal favorite: Trap Tox! If you have tight shoulders giving you headaches, this is a game changer!

No matter your reason, you don’t want to let this deal pass you by! You get $150 off your purchase of 40 units or more of Xeomin! The units must be used in the month of May and will expire June 1st! We have a limited amount of these promos available, so call to purchase, and book your May appt ASAP!

If you already have an appointment, great! You can talk to your provider about switching to Xeomin or call ahead to pre-purchase your units!

Call us at 859-334-0484 or click here to book online!


Your 4esthetics Lounge Team.