Hyrdrafacials Control Breakouts

Breakouts suck. Whether you have recurrent acne, hormonal breakouts, mask-ne, or the random- “I-turned-35-and-have-acne-again” breakouts. They all suck. Truth is, acne is never cured, it’s controlled. The most important thing to remember about controlling breakout outs is


You have to be consistent. Now most of yall immediately probably stopped reading after I said that, but hear me out. I’m not talking about going to the gym for god sakes. I’m talking about washing your face and putting a few serums on and regular FACIALS! LADIES – these things feel good and take hardly any time!!

Now, everyone’s skin is different, but a few products you will need to reduce your acne is retinol, salicylic acid wash, and proper hydration. We use SkinMedica products and see great results with them, so if you’re looking for specific products – Purifying Foaming wash, Retinol (concentrations 0.25-1.0), and Hyaluronic Acid serum HA5 are all amazing!

In clinic, we need to clean out your pores to help prevent future breakouts. We do this with monthly Deluxe Hydrafacials! These are literally a vacuum for your pores and will help clean out all that acne-causing bacteria. It also includes a booster to calm your skin, and blue light therapy to further kill the bacteria hiding in your skin!

Consistent at home skincare and consistent in clinic treatment will change your skin and leave you feeling more confident and less self-conscious about your breakouts. Proof is in the pudding yall!

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