Put Yourself First with Regular Hydrafacials

Who wants to leave the house without make up because their skin looks so good?!

(..and everyone cheered.. MEEEEe🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️!)

I’m a mom, not a magician (although somehow moms frequently get this title). Basically we get shit done.. May not always be pretty, but the house is cleaned, dinner is cooked, work is completed, the children are alive.  I call that a success. Now if we could somehow magically fix our breakouts, big pores, ance, and wrinkles, that’d be cool, too.

If I can get you to put yourself first just a FRACTION of the time that you spend doing the things I just listed, I guarantee you, your skin will look so freaking awesome, you’ll walk out of the house without makeup.

When I say put yourself first – I literally just mean, committing to monthly or regular facial treatments like hydrafacials. Doing one hydrafacial is great- your skin will look glowy, hydrated and your pores appear smaller for a few days to a couple weeks, but the glow will fade and so will your results.

The true *magic* behind hydrafacials

The true *magic* behind hydrafacials is getting them frequently and consistently. Our skin cells are constantly shedding and as we age the shedding process slows down, and leaves our face covered with dead, dull skin cells.  Hydrafacials help exfoliate all of our breakout-causing dead skin cells off our face, allowing the new plump radiate skin cells to shine!

If you’re ready to CONFIDENTLY step out of your house with no makeup feeling like a total babe, it’s time to book a consult and get a Hydrafacial!

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📷: Post-Hydrafacial *gunkie* Aka all the gunk it pulled out of your pores!

Put Yourself First with Regular Hydrafacials, a bottle of all the gunk it pulled out of your pores!