Alternative Uses for Toxins & Fillers

Toxin isn’t just for forehead and frown lines ya’ll – some of the best uses for toxin are in some other uncommon areas.

TMJ anyone?

Do you have headaches from clenching your jaw so tight, or have to wear a mouth guard so you don’t grind your teeth at night? Toxin can relax the muscle that causes TMJ and give you SO MUCH relief! Also results can last up to 6 months in the area!

Excessive sweating?

It’s been hotter than hell lately and we’re just ramping up for Summer. Toxin can be injected into the underarms or palms of your hands to help decrease excessive sweating. Stop sweating through layers of clothes! This will last 6+ months and get through to the cooler months of Fall/Winter.

Do you feel like you have a permanent frown on your face?

Having a turned down smile can make people always ask you “Are you ok?”, “You look mad about something”. Toxin can help relax that muscle that pulls down your frown.

Gummy smile?

Are you afraid of smiling because you show too much of your gums? This is just the result of an overactive muscle that can easily be relaxed with a little bit of toxin!

Lips go away when you smile?

Lip Flips are great for helping keep your lifts from curling under when you smile, without the downtime of lip filler!

If you read any of these and thought, “holy moly that’s me”, please contact us so we can book you a consult. We can offer so much more than just wrinkle relaxers! Link is here book!

📷: This client actually had Lip Flip and Gummy smile injectons to help her upper lip appear larger and also show less of her gums!