Benefits of Suncreen

PSA: Sunscreen isn’t just for when you’re out in the sun, by the pool, or on vacation. I’m totally guilty of thinking this – which is why I’m paying for it now with dark spots🤦🏼‍♀️.

Sunscreen should be used daily! If you’re using anti-aging serums, getting botox or dermal fillers, or really doing anything to improve wrinkles, reduce sun damage with chemical peels, eliminate dark spots with hydrafacials, improve skin laxity with microneedling, etc. sunscreen needs to be the first thing on your list!

Imagine this- you’re in a sinking boat filled with water. You are frantically scooping water out with a bucket. But you don’t realize there is a hole in your boat that just keeps letting water in. All you really need to do is plug the hole. Sunscreen is the plug to your hole. Toxin, skincare, filler, facials – those are your bucket. Sunscreen helps prevent damage from happening. And all the other fun stuff helps reverse the damage that’s already been done.

So adding sunscreen to your routine EVERYDAY is a must!! The trick is find one you can use everyday. The ones below are my favorites and what I use!

SkinMedica Essential Defense Mineral Shield

Broad spectrum, super light, oil free, and comes in tinted/non-tinted, does not even smell like sunscreen!!

SkinMedica Essential Defense Everyday Clear

Broad spectrum, ultra sheer, oil free. If you have acne/oily skin – this is your sunscreen!!

SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair

Broad spectrum, but has added infrared protection! Comes in tinted/non-tinted. This is more of an anti-aging serum than sunscreen, it will actually reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles because it has added high potency antioxidants! (ya’ll.. My husband uses this- you need this in your life)

All of these can be purchased at our online store, but please contact us if you have a questions about which one would be best for you!!

SkinMedica brand serum with commentary for Benefits of Suncreen  SkinMedica brand serum with commentary for Benefits of Suncreen  SkinMedica brand serum with commentary for Benefits of Suncreen