Why Consistent Skincare Treatment is SO Important

I just got back from a beach vacation with my family, and HOLY COW did my dark spots FLARE UP. While yes this sucks, I’m glad it happened so I can show you exactly why consistency with skincare is SO important.

When it comes to skin, we all have our own *reoccurring* issue. Maybe yours is acne, or wrinkles, or large pores. Well mine is Hyperpigmentation and Melasma. And when I am outside in the sun, my dark spots that I have worked so hard to lighten, come back. I religiously wear sunscreen, I try to wear hats, but the sun always finds a way to flare up my dark spots.

So moral of the story.. CONSISTENCY = RESULTS. You all whatever *reoccurring issue* you’re having doesn’t just need to be treated one time. You have to continue to treat it if you want long term improvement in your skin. Maybe results is the wrong word. Once you get a result, we usually stop what we’re doing, but you cannot do that with your skin or your *reoccurring- wrinkles, dark spots, acne, large pores will just come right back!

And even if you’re being consistent, have realistic expectations. Our skin is fluid and constantly changing based on hormones, what we eat, sun exposure, etc. So even if your dark spots came back after vacation (like mine did), keep at it. Continue to use the products, CONSISTENTLY, and you will get results!

What’s The Best Skincare Treatment for Your Skincare Issue?

Please schedule your free consultation if you need any help with your skincare. We are happy to help in any way we can!! Hyperpigmentation and Melasma can be treated with consistent hydrafacials and a medical grade skincare routine. Contact us to learn more about our treatments for wrinkles, acne, large pores and other reoccurring issues.

📷: first picture (blue shirt) is before vacation, no make up. The rest are after vacation, no make up! We all struggle with something, this is mine!