Ya’ll, I seriously thought I was depressed. I knew I needed help, I just didn’t know what kind of help I needed.

  • I was moody – one day I was happy, the next I couldn’t get out of bed because I was so tearful and sad.
  • I was exhausted – honestly for no reason, I wasn’t over extending myself, I was sleeping ok.
  • Had horrible brain fog – on the off chance I could get myself to my home office, it would take me 4 hours to do a task that should have taken 1 hour.
  • Things that used to get me excited didn’t anymore.
  • My husband had to pick up a lot of my household duties I simply couldn’t get done. He would cook dinner, clean up, and put the kids down sometimes. (shew I love that man!)

So what did I do?

First I had a bunch of labs drawn, made sure I didn’t have anything serious going on. A few vitamins were low, so I started taking supplements. Did see some improvements, but still felt depressed.

Second, I saw my OB – I also randomly started getting mid-30s acne, so thought maybe it was hormones at this point. Started an oral contraceptive. Helped a little with acne, but worsened other symptoms. So I switched brands and that at least got me back to my miserable baseline without acne.

Third, I started researching hormone replacement. I had more labs drawn. I found my testosterone was almost in the single digits, WAY below normal and even further below what is optimal for someone experiencing symptoms. So I had my testosterone replaced with bio-identical pellets. It delivers a slow steady release of hormones to gently raise your levels.

After 8-10 months of feeling depressed and zig-zagging my way through dr. appointments, every single one of my symptoms faded away only TWO WEEKS after having my hormones replaced. A freaking fog lifted. I felt like my old self with energy, vigor, and focus. Honestly, I wish I would have started with the hormone replacement first!

Mental health is not a joke, please go talk to someone if you’re feeling depressed! But please know, if you’re having symptoms like I was, it could simply be fixed with a small tweak of your hormones. Come to our BHRT event on April 25th from 5-8pm! Find out if your symptoms could fade away with optimized hormone levels.

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Corie and your 4esthetics Lounge team.