Attention all of you wrinkle-haters. Realistically, wrinkles anywhere on your face or neck, will take years to fade. And thats with consistent treatments like toxin, skincare, chemical peels, etc.

Those treatments are incredible, but toxins really only primarily targets the top half of our face. Skincare and facial treatments do build collagen and decrease pigment over time, but you have to be consistent! What if I could cut that time down to 3 months?

Faster Results with Skin Resurfacing

That can happen with the CO2 CoolPeel, you get those incredible results, 10X faster! Fewer and less prominent wrinkles, clearer skin tone, skin texture improves, pores are less noticeable. And thats just the results you can see right away. CO2 CoolPeel can also build collagen deep in your skin to give you skin its youthful bounce back!

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Corie and your 4esthetics Lounge team