Common Questions About CO2 Laser & CoolPeel

We are down to 1 week!!! This is your last chance to get our CO2 Coolpeel packages for 20% off!! Here are a couple of questions I have been asked:

Do I have to use it right away – I’m in the sun all Summer or I have a vacation coming up?

No! You can do 1-2 sessions before the strong sun really hits, then you can save your last session for Fall! The sessions stay in your patient wallet until you’re ready to use them!

I don’t have time for significant downtime, is this still a good treatment?

That’s ok! We can work around your schedule. Sometimes turning the settings down is what we have to do to work around your schedule, that’s ok! Just plan to do more sessions at lower settings, maybe two packages over time. Even more reason to get it 20% off! We never know how your skin will react until we do the first session, so make sure to plan your treatment with a few days of red, sandpaper skin.

Is this promo just for CO2 Coolpeel packages?

Nope! The promo includes CO2 Coolpeel packages and Ultimate Duos, which is a combo treatment with Coolpeel and RF microneedling!

How much are the packages?

The price will vary based on the areas you want to have treated. With the 20% off, you will save about $500 for a face CO2 treatment, but you can save up to $1,100 on an Ultimate Duo for face, neck, and chest!

Have any other questions feel free to call our office to speak to a provider or book you consult by clicking here! If you’re ready to get an incredible deal, click here, to go to our app to purchase! The promo will be automatically applied to all CO2 Coolpeel and Ultimate Duo packages!


Your 4esthetics Lounge team!