The Science Behind Skin Tightening

Did you know that Radiofrequency Microneedling (RF MN) can actually melt away fat cells permanently??This is one of the *hidden gems* of RF MN!

Traditionally RF MN is known for its incredible skin tightening effects. The science behind these amazing results are well known in the aesthetic world, but most patients have no idea how great this is for your skin!

So let me let you in on our secret. RF MN is basically a controlled injury to your skin. After numbing the treated areas for comfort, a pin-head full of tiny needles penetrates your skin to cause a control injury, then once they’re in the deeper tissues, they let off a heat-based energy called radiofrequency. That’s where the magic happens!

Not only does this initiate your body’s own wound healing cascade, causing more collagen and elastin production; the radiofrequency energy amps this up 10-fold!  The radiofrequency heats up the deeper layers of our skin causing a reorganizing of collagen to give us a major skin tightening effect!!

AND when we treat tissue in our “bulky” areas, such as our double chins, underarm flab, or abdomen, it can actually melt some of the fatty tissue under the skin! Praise be, ya’ll! Skin tightening and fat melting… a duo almost as iconic as peanut butter and jelly! (Except, we won’t be looking like jelly anymore!)

I can hear your thoughts from here:

What about down time? Because of this “controlled injury”, some of our skin is left untouched, which means minimal downtime!

How long does it last? Ya’ll this is permanent! It’s building your own collagen, so its there to stay!  You will need at least 3 sessions to start. We didn’t get that flab overnight, so we can reverse it overnight either!

How much does it cost? Price varies based on the areas you have treated, but lucky for you we still have our *Buy 2 Sessions, Get 1 FREE* Snatched Summer Promo going on right now! We have VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!

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