This Is Just Some Good Ol’ Toxin Knowledge.

Just because your forehead starts to move after 8 weeks of having your toxin, does not mean that your Botox/Dysport/Xeomin isn’t working! Everyone’s anatomy is different, your muscles in your face are different. Toxins are a MEDICATION, that sometimes behaves differently for unknown reasons!

So if you feel like you’re having some movement after 2-3 weeks, you 100% need to come in for a follow up! We can’t make improvements if we don’t know what’s going on! You and I are a toxin team. I only see you every 3 months, so if something’s up during that time, ya gotta let me know!! We love follow ups, because if I’m being honest, we probably care about your results more than you do. So let us make it perfect!

Also, you quite literally wear our name on your face, and we’re sure as hell not going to let you walk around unhappy with your results!

We will have you come in for a short 15 min appointment, take some pictures to compare to your pre-treatment photos, we’ll have a little chat, then we make a plan!

Our Promise

So no matter which toxin your provider has chosen for you, know its common to have some slight variations in results from time to time. But we promise to always make you feel your best!  And if you need to, book that follow up so we can make things perfect!

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