RF Microneedling Needs Friends

When I say RF microneedling is a foundation to all anti-aging, what I mean is that RF microneedling needs friends.

Alone Radiofrequency microneedling is an INCREDIBLE treatment, it builds that deep collagen that we lose as we age. BUT she’s your typical chick, loves to be surrounded by her tribe that lifts her up! Her “tribe” meaning toxin, skincare, facials, filler, PRP, etc.

You certainly don’t have to be doing all of the above, but when you drop money on a friend like RF microneedling, you want to make sure she’s going to give her her best results. So keep her surrounded by a few friends that will amplify the type of results you’re looking for!

Here’s what I mean:

  • General anti-aging “friend group” = RF microneedling, Toxin, skincare.
  • Deep wrinkles or scars “friends group” = RF microneedling with Radiesse, skincare.
  • Bags/dark under eyes “friend group” = Exact RF microneedling, PRP, skincare

Now replace the word “friend group” with “treatment plan” and you have a basic idea of how to get best results with RF microneedling. Your newest best friend, RF microneedling, is 20% off for only 3 more days!! This deal is for the packages only! You can call 859-334-0484 to talk to a provider and purchase, OR you can click here to purchase on our app! We also have monthly options on our app as well.

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Your 4esthetics Lounge Team