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Happy Friday!! I like to think my weekends will be spent going out on the town, going to cool events, festivals, shopping, etc. But let’s be honest, I’m in the thick of my mom era and my fun/exciting weekend consists of cleaning the house, playing with kiddos, wiping baby butts, spending my kids college funds at kroger, and I get REAL jazzed if I finish all my laundry (this never happens)!

Now that may not sound glamorous, but weekends spent in my house are actually my favorite. They’re chill, I can wear sweats all day, have a glass of wine at 4, and they are perfect for post-procedure downtime!

That’s right, nothing hits harder than a laser treatment on Thursday or Friday, and spending the rest of my weekend healing my skin during the most noticeably raw days in the comfort of my home. Being questioned repeatedly by my children about “what’s wrong with mommy’s face” while I do laundry. Then being able to step out of my house Monday with only mild symptoms.


Your personal downtime will depend on your skin type of course, the type of procedure/laser you have done, and your views of what’s acceptable to look like in public.

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