Lounge Loyalty

Have you heard about our new Lounge Loyalty program? 

Our goal at 4esthetics is to help you create and continue a skin health routine that can achieve your anti-aging goals. With our Lounge Loyalty program, we make skin care habits easy by giving you exclusive access to offers and savings!

Here’s what you need to know:

How it works:

12-month duration 

$900 per year 

Charged once at sign up for an entire year of savings! 

What is included: 

20 units of Botox 


60 units of Dysport used every 90-100 days 

Pricing Benefits: 

$10/unit Botox

$3.30/unit Dysport 

Discounted lip flips: $40

10% off all skincare products and services AT ALL TIMES! (excluding packages) 

Receive a free hydrafacial during your birthday month

Receive exclusive loyalty membership deals, offers, and events throughout the year.

Can I cancel my membership?

Lounge loyalty has a non-transferable, non-refundable, and no cancellation policy. Warning: Our treatments may be habit-forming, resulting in lower levels of stress, increased wellness, and moments of extreme contentment. 

Getting started is easy. Call 4esthetics Lounge at 859-334-0484

and any team member will be willing and happy to help you! Or book your next appointment with us and we can get you set up during your visit.