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Choose Dysport or Xeomin for a smooth, natural-looking forehead!

Dysport and Xeomin have both been FDA approved treatments used to help women and men reduce wrinkles between the brow. With a 10-20 minute treatment, you will begin to see results in as few as 3 days that will last for up to 4 months!


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We’ll walk you through a personalized plan to enhance your natural beauty and get rid of heavy brow lines. Additionally, we will provide you with best skincare practices and set you up for a follow-up appointment.

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Kick insecurity to the curb! Wear that new dress to Keeneland, tailgate with vigor, or take a walk through Triangle Park, confident in your fresh glow. Enjoy every moment without aging skin holding you back – because you deserve to love your skin at every age!

What Are Dysport and Xeomin used for?

Dysport and Xeomin treat moderate to severe frown lines (wrinkles between the eyebrows).

How long does it take Dysport or Xeomin to work?

Though results vary, most users report seeing improvement between the brows within 2-4 days

Why Choose Dysport

Dysport has been trusted to remove fine lines around the brow for over 25 years. Additionally,  97% of Dysport users have reported natural-looking results with a plan to continue treatment. 

What Makes Xeomin Different?

Xeomin was developed with a uniquely purified formula without unncecessary protiens. Because of the simple make-up of this toxin the body is unlikely to become resistant to the results of this treatment.

How long does Dysport or Xeomin last?

One treatment of Dysport typically provides results for 3-5 months.

What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip is performed using Botox or Dysport around the mouth, usually the upper lip. This helps relax the muscles around the mouth allowing the “pink lip” to pull up & show more. A lip flip is quick, easy, and inexpensive when compared to lip filler. It is a great way to “test the waters” if you are interested in having a fuller lip but aren’t quite ready to commit to lip filler.


At 4esthetics, your safety is our priority, which is why the only people administering treatment to you are certified nurses with experience and knowledge you can trust.


We stay up-to-date with the most effective treatment plans, applying industry-leading and evidence-based techniques for your success.


Too many aesthetic providers administer treatment then ghost their clients. We don’t like that. Our team follows up every appointment with a two-week check-in to evaluate your progress and verify your satisfaction.