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You can find these products at the 4esthetics Lounge medspa or purchase online from Ananda Professional using the code 4ESTHE to receive 10% off your order.

Bliss Intimate Oil

Bliss Intimate Oil

Enjoy Sex Again

Formulated by a female reproductive medicine specialist and cannabis clinician, this full spectrum hemp infused intimate oil is the first and only of its kind. The blended extract promotes relaxation and stimulation to improve the sexual experience.
500mg CBD Infused Roll-On

500mg CBD Infused Roll-On

Soothing Topical

This popular roll-on is designed for ease-of-use and on-the-go customers, ideal for new users or CBD and as a supplemental oil to tinctures and soft gels for maximum benefits. Use for on-demand relief of aches and physical discomfort.
SereniPlex+ Gummies w/ Zembrin

SereniPlex+ Gummies w/ Zembrin

Stress Relief

This cannabinoid matrix is designed for stress relief and relaxation. With the additional Zembrin infusion these gummies can help reduce irritability, worry, and insecurity, and improve moods. Zembrin is an extract of Sceletium tortuosum.
InflaEze+ Gummies

InflaEze+ Gummies

Ache & Discomfort Relief

This blend of cannabinoids and other anti-inflammatory ingredients is designed to support ache relief and discomfort in bones, muscles, and joints. This formula can also help protect against cartilage degradation and promote overall healthy aging.
SomniVive Gummies

SomniVive Gummies

Productive & Relaxing Sleep

This CBD-based formula includes melatonin, GABA, and 5-HTP and is designed to raise serotonin levels, produce calming effects, and regulate the sleep cycle. This mild sedative overall promotes more relaxing and syncronized sleeping when taken regularly.


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